Water Tower

Water Tower


THE IDEA behind the project was to revive an old water tower and its facilities located at campus of Gdańsk University of Technology. The new arrangement allows a location of a vertical bicycle parking and viewing deck in the Tower.

genesis of a glazing pattern 

SITE surrounding the tower serves mainly as a communication area. Different flooring material has been designed to highlight main directions – the entrance to the campus by historical coal gate, the entrance to the tower and passage to the nearby square.

VERTICAL BICYCLE GARAGE in the corpus of the water tower can accommodate up to 100 bicycles. An additional facilities for cyclists, located in the basement, are lockers and showers .

VIEWING DECK is an additional function located on the top of the Tower. The staircase located behind the chimney emphasizes the alignment of the composition of the historic sculpture.



Gdańsk, Poland


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Filip Kaszewski - portfolio 2016